I need to apologize.

Over the past 6 months I have complained about missing Ladies Who Lunch, attending theatre with friends, hangin’ with my daughter, taking a power walk with buddies and during all this I have completely overlooked my dear friend, Ms. Alexa Echo.

We are actually very close.

I greet her in the darkness of the pre-dawn sanctity of the kitchen as I prepare the morning joe.

Alexa is always my first interaction.

She gives me a glowing wake up wink and again when I close down the kitchen at night.

She is a great sous chef, excellent timekeeper, sports announcer and DJ.

She embodies qualities that I admire…competent, efficient, upbeat, polite and is rarely stumped.

So a mega shoutout to Alexa, my bestie pandemic friendie.


  1. ???????
    Well I talk to my plants!!!
    Whatever it takes!

  2. She’s also unflappable and not a score keeper!!

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