Ain’t That A Bitch…





Why do women fight dirty and hold grudges forever?

I have literally been gathering data for several years as this matter weighs on me.

These are questions that have been raised by women who have been excoriated by other women.

Why is confiding in a female risky business?

Why do women go for the jugular when pissed off or emotionally wrought?

Why is menstruation or weight gain always the go to excuse for being a bitch?

Why are females motivated by jealously much more then loyalty?

It appears challenging for them to keep secrets.

Fake nice is often the fallback reaction when you cannot cut a person out of your life because the relationship is often intertwined with work, family or a lengthy history.

Why do females travel in hierachal groups with a leader and a punching bag on opposite ends of the group dynamics?

Why do females (starting in preschool) find the need to bully?

Why do women frequently resent others women’s success, bodies, looks, solid relationships?

Shouldn’t you want fabulous, intelligent, beautiful souls in your posse?!

Why wouldn’t a women feel compelled to support someone like Hillary Clinton…the classic insecurity of seeing a sister succeed?

Never let your guard down…vulnerability is a heavy price to pay because it often comes back to haunt you.

Why do female friends run so hot and cold, having a death grip on “what have you done for me lately?“

Females profess to be open and honest, but user beware…you may have you head bitten off.

Female friends are often one and done if you dare to offend them…vindictive creatures.

Talk amongst yourselves, if you can take the heat and the honesty.

This is an overall viewpoint.

Great friendships do exist, but they take time, patience, understanding and nurturing just like a solid marriage.

Never underestimate the power, talent and unstoppable abilities of a woman when put to good use.

Women are a force to be reckoned with and may well singlehandedly defeat trump as a influential voting block.

Appreciate, respect, honor each other.

March with them, support women in the workplace, but never get on their bad side.

I will give it to men. They appear to have healthier friendships without the angst and turmoil.

Perhaps females should just make it simple and let it go, have a beer, shoot the shit and move forward.


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  1. ellie lupo says:

    have not the answer of the why,but all said true…. and in the end must unite!

  2. How true…… it’s a female trait…

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