There are nights when I can’t keep my eyes open after 10pm.

Board a red-eye at 11:15pm, tired and up since 4am and we can’t sleep a wink.

Okay, so here are my gripes.

Late night travel to LAX.

The traffic to the airport at 9pm ebbed and never flowed.

How can it take over 1 hour to go 10 miles at 9pm?!

Throw into the mix , LA’s favorite pastime…car chases and this one went right through LAX.

Sirens blaring, and guns waving, we made our way into the Alaska terminal in search of dinner.

I am always reading about the culinary treasures now sprouting up at airports across America…super chefs inducing terminal temptation.

I have never found a good eating establishment at any airport.

i must be traveling in the wrong circles.

Last night’s adventure into mediocrity continues.

Every time I book a flight even with a 3 month lead time, there are no freebies available except middle seats and back of the plane.

This passenger does not do rear.

Of course, this is a scam to have consumers spend another $60-100 on more legroom seating.

I beat the system yesterday.

Row 18 was available with 2 aisle seats no extra charge and we both had the rows to ourselves.

Next issue…elation over an empty row, but no pillows.

Have you ever tried to lean against the window with the non movable armrest poking into your back.

So as ecstatic as we were, there were no pillows and call me phobic, but I refuse to place my visage on a airplane seat cushion even if I sanitized my entire face.

After a lovely cup of room temperature free water I was confronted with the rude awakening of the absence of movie screens.

Little did we know that you had to download GoGo to your phone before departure…the download takes 6 hours once airborne.

The flight was 5 hours in duration.

Bad timing…Landing  at JFK at 7:45am meant rush hour and it took 90 minutes to arrive home to a broken front door lock.

A clean bathroom and comfy bed so close yet so far away.

Afterwards, we hadn’t eaten in a long time so we headed to the last standing diner on the upper west side to find a new menu which never indicates sanitary motivation, but it does spell price increases.

Then onto our only convenient grocery store for an $8 bottle of fresh OJ and $3.19 for normally priced $1.50 yogurt and a container of Half and Half because it foams well in my Nespresso foamer for $4 for a pint.

All this achieved in the pouring rain.

I Love NY!


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