Yesterday, I confirmed the fact that I am seriously addicted to sports.

I knew it, but I am always amazed by my elation when I am deeply engrossed. Although, losing is very painful and presents its’ own set of emotional problems.

Awoke at 5:30, worked, hiked, cleaned and by 8:30am I was ready for Prime Time tennis at the U.S. Open.

I have watched Mardy Fish long enough to know that when he didn’t finish Lopez off in the fourth set, he was done.

Jessica Pegula
Jessica Pegula

I was rooting for Jessica Pegula whose family owns the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, but she choked in her second round match.

Serena Williams made a great comeback in the first set tiebreaker, down Love-4. She did end up winning the match easily in two sets.


Rafael Nadal beat Argentinian Diego Schwartzman in a very competitive three setter.

Once the clock struck 1pm Pacific Time, I was a switcher hitter, beating up the remote, jumping from ESPN to the YES Network where the Yankees were playing an early afternoon game at Fenway against the Boston Red Sox.

NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox
NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

Tanaka pitched well and the Yankees hit 5 home runs so I was really enjoying that game until the 8th inning when the Red Sox staged a comeback. The Yankees persevered.

NY Giants vs NY Jets
NY Giants vs NY Jets

In between, I played back the NY Giants/NY Jets horrendous pre-season game from last Saturday. The NFL Network only replayed it yesterday. I personally scrutinize all the Giants plays and there was absolutely nothing good to report. Everyone sucked. End of discussion.

Even dealing with the make shift skylight engineered by the bulldozer in the upstairs apartment in New York City and insane, unprofessional representatives at my health insurance company, I was still euphoric and in the pocket from the sports overload.

I guess sports is my crack, my chocolate, my fantasy…whatever it is it makes me overjoyed.

With the Yankee win, some of my favorite tennis players moving on to the third round at the U.S.Open and my brilliant, talented daughter selling a TV series, I picked up my newly bicoastal pal, Sandy and we pretended to be young, on the loose and had cocktails at a new Santa Monica outpost, Herringbone.

Herringbone, Santa Monica
Herringbone, Santa Monica

The place looks nice, but the service was inattentive and the crowd boring.

Sandy sipped on stirred not shaken martinis and I downed Rose. The only appealing Happy Hour item was Hood oysters which were very good, but they took 35 minutes to be shucked and transported to us. The service equaled the dollar they charged per oyster.

We did get a free round to compensate for the absentee service and the bartenders weren’t even good eye candy.

I dropped Sandy off and headed home to find some late night U.S. Open highlights. That’s my kind of nightcap.

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