Ace L.A. Hits the Bull’s-Eye…

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Los Angeles Aced it…New York City coolness has arrived in the City of Angels.

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles opened early 2014 in the historic United Artists building, an ornate, storied and vibrant Los Angeles gem.

The Ace Hotel in Manhattan is all about hangin’ where it is happenin’. The impossible to get into Breslin restaurant is off of the lobby, there is an always crowded sandwich shop, the lobby is buzzing with wanna be’s and industry peeps, consuming cappuccino’s by day and cocktails all night…now, you can experience the magic locally…you don’t have to get on a plane.


Last weekend, we headed down to L.A. Chapter, the restaurant in the Ace for brunch. I like to sample new places at brunchtime. The prices are less and the trendy types are still in bed sleeping off the night before.

L.A. Chapter, the meticulously cultivated brasserie off of the lobby in the Ace Hotel, is located in the United Artists building on Broadway & 9th Street that was built in 1927 by Mary Pickford for the film studio she co-founded.

Haas Brother With LA Chapter Drawings
Haas Brother With LA Chapter Drawings

The artists, twin brothers and partners Nikolai and Simon Haas, have contributed pencil drawings on the white walls, depicting the Hollywood hills, palm trees and Tinseltown darlings.

Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes in a corner. Angelyne grins from a billboard. Diane Keaton in Annie Hall attire stares at us from above. A series of line-drawn cartoon animals run around and drink beer near the bar. The creatures are meant to relate the city’s innate playfulness…the brothers have designed for Versace and Lady Gaga, as well.

Ace partnered with Jud Mongell and Ken Addington, the team behind Brooklyn’s popular, Five Leaves restaurant, to create L.A. Chapter.

Ace Patio Dining
Ace Patio Dining

The restaurant has a lovely sidewalk cafe seating area, but we chose inside. The street scene has yet to be truly beautified in downtown LA, but the district is going through a productive renaissance.

Our server, Julie, was  a joy…smart, cool and accommodating.

salad ace
Treviso and Roasted Delicata Squash Salad

The food is locally sourced, simple American fare catering to a sophisticated clientele. We started out with a treviso and roasted delicata squash salad with oil cured olives, pickled onions and pine nuts ($13) . Grilled chicken or cured salmon is an available accoutrement ($6).

Five Leaves Burger
Five Leaves Burger

My daughter ordered the Five Leaves Burger with harissa mayo, grilled pineapple, pickled beets, a sunnyside up egg and a choice of salad or fries ($17). She was happy and fulfilled.

Morcoccan Scramble
Moroccan Scramble

David was the daring eater. He ordered Moroccan scramble with homemade marquez, crushed avocado, chick pea salad and fresh chiles over flatbread ($14). It was zesty and flavorful. The coffee was strong and delicious.


I played with my salad…it wasn’t my fav as the treviso, like endive, was quite bitter. Julie noticed and insisted on bringing me another selection. She remembered that I had inquired about the housemade ricotta with fresh figs, honeycomb and homemade fruit nut bread ($11). It was creamy, textured and  delicious.

The decor is vintage and the lobby is small with walls lined in fur. Kudos to GREC Architects and Commune creative director, Roman Alonso, for preserving the integrity of the landmark building.

Ace Hotel Lobby
Ace Hotel Lobby

We took the elevator to the Upstairs Bar on the Ace rooftop. The view is very impressive. There is an indoor/outdoor bar inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s, Ennis House. It is a comfortable, spacious setting.

Ace Rooftop Bar
Ace Upstairs Rooftop Bar

The small rooftop pool is off of the indoor bar area and was filled to the brim with posers. The vibe inside is trendy and hip.

Ace Hotel Pool
Ace Hotel Pool

There is another bar on the second floor. The Ace has re-invigorated the ‘hood. A very cool, industrial influenced Acne Store has opened a block away. The clothes are divine and you feel as if you are inside a throwback erector set.

Acne Studios, Los Angeles
Acne Studios, Los Angeles

Aesop, the Australian apothecary and beauty skincare line, opened last week across the street. They make superlative products for the hair, body and skin so there is hope for the vast wasteland of undernourished downtown Los Angeles. OAK NYC has also recently joined the neighborhood party and is located close to Umami Burger.

The restaurant is open nearly all day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for hotel guests and locals alike. Los Angeles has hit the bullseye with the Ace Hotel and L.A. Chapter restaurant.

Ace Hotel 929 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. Street and valet parking. L.A. Chapter restaurant is open Monday-Friday 7am-3:30pm and 6-11pm. Saturday-Sunday 8am-3:30pm and 6-11pm.

Ace Hotel LA
Ace Hotel LA

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