A Whiter Shade Of Pale…

I am beginning to think that New York and Los Angeles need to fund a human urban renewal project.

Lately, I am feeling the urge to escape California due to overwhelming heat, traffic and those lovely party people, The Oath Keepers.

It turns out there are 3,077 of the charming white suprematists rolling around the Golden State.

Horrifying to think that many of the 38,000 members are law enforcement officers, first responders, veterans and military personnel, elected officials, government employees, teachers, religious and business leaders..

Founded in 2009 by Stewart Rhodes, the white as rice racists are a loosely organized conspiracy theory-fueled group whose members vow to defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Point well taken. If they had a brain cell between them they would protect us against the real enemies of the state…trump, Donny, Jr., Steve Bannon, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Clarence and Virginia Thomas, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell, Betsy DeVos, The Pillow Guy…

Possessed with underdeveloped intellect and over developed brawn, those always swipe left personalities promote the belief that the federal government is out to strip citizens of their civil liberties while painting its followers as defenders against tyranny.

They back up this bullshit with heavy duty rifles and delusional diatribes.

You just never know what darkness is lurking behind the paint it white facade…abundant Nazi face, arms, legs tattoos are sometimes a give away.

80 California members are either running to hold office in November or are presently holding office.

Those seeking public office include candidates for mayor, town council, school boards, state representatives and senators.

Voting is different than horse racing where I pick a potential winner by their name.

This is a refresher course in voting with an educated conscience.

Please do a deep dive into local, state and national candidates that are unfamiliar to you before you put a check mark by these despicables on Election Day.

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  1. I’m sorry. This is the most juvenile rantr I’ve seen. Stay in California and send all the Oath Keepers to Texas.

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