A Hair Raising NYC Restaurant Review…


A spoon solo and a facial glitch.

Not a tasty side dish to an otherwise enjoyable dinner.

Cafe Luxembourg is an upper west side institution.

Sunday, the restaurant that we visited on a weekly basis for more than a decade, seemed new again.

They have done a stellar job of creating sidewalk dining…fans hang from the tented ceiling, plants embellish the periphery, but no one looks familiar.

At Luxembourg we always ate at the bar and knew many of the bartenders and patrons.

It was always like coming home, but the pandemic has altered the familiarity…we have not been to Cafe Luxembourg in 17 months and reality painted a new picture.

I order the Roast All Natural Half Chicken au Jus with Farro, Parmesan, Baby Onions, Glazed Carrots, Brussels Sprout Leaves and Smoked Eggplant Purée. The dish was very good except for the absolutely nasty smoked eggplant ($29).

8 David selected his usual Yellow Fin Tuna Burger with salad (fries are also an option) which was great, as always ($29).

We did not linger because the totally obnoxious 8 year-old prima donna sitting next to us did not stop banging her silverware for 45 minutes.

The mother did not reprimand her once, but that was because she was busy grooming her moustache.

Call me mean spirited, but my meal was ruined by the untimely heavy metal performance and public grooming.

I am not going to damn the ineffectual, out to lunch mother, but there are at home bleaching and electrolysis solutions along with parenting manuals that would be quite helpful.

The mother/daughter tandem did not make for an optimal dining experience, instead dinner turned into a hair raising event.

Cafe Luxembourg is still consistently appealing with a wide ranging menu, fabulous cocktails and a Parisienne dining ambiance.

Cafe Luxembourg

Cafe Luxembourg 200 West 70th Street New York City. Open Monday-Friday 11am-10:45pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-10:45pm. Reservations suggested on OpenTable.com.

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