A Giant Day…

Giant day for me today.

The NFL draft commences tonight in Las Vegas.

The hideously boring, winless NY Giants have 2 Top Ten draft picks…the reward for being really, really bad.

I have a glimmer of hope that these picks will be more productive than the last few draft picks as the team has hired an allegedly stellar new General Manager and the purportedly equally impressive new Head Coach who is the 5th in the past six years.

It has been a long, arduous decade since the last NY Giants Super Bowl appearance.

As with selecting a life partner one does the deep dive, does the dance and then takes the plunge, hoping that the participants are compatible and a perfect match has been consummated.

I am down on my knees this morning praying to Saint Christopher, the Patron Saint of Football, for a release from Pigskin Purgatory and hoping for some joy during the 2022 season.

I openly admit to being in desperate need of an infusion of talent to put an end to Giants fans incessant pain.

Come on Big Blue…Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About!

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