A “Fluid”Moment…

Haven’t participated in a pajama party in decades.

Probably the last time was when the above photo was taken.

I revisited those glory days last weekend when my daughter and I had an overnight at her groovy pad downtown.

Finnley and I drove down and found a perfect parking spot across the street from her apartment. The only problem was it was 5:15pm and parking only started at 6pm so my daughter came on down and we chatted until it was safe to exit the car.

Dressed to impress we headed to dinner at a very French pinky’s up west village restaurant.

We sat at the bar and indulged.

The first highlight was when the bartender congratulated us on our wedding anniversary.

Puzzled, we looked at each other.

She thought it was noted that we were married and there to celebrate. I was flattered that a gorgeous, much younger woman would be my partner.

I earned real cougar status.

Since people say we look so much a like, I was a bit surprised, but considered it a very funny moment.

We also met a great couple and spent time chatting…oh, what a night.

We ambled home and donned our pjs after walking the dog, had more to say, bemoaned the extra inning Yankee loss to the dreaded Red Sox and then it was morning.

A two mile walk along the Hudson River, breakfast outside at a local bistro, more talk and I was a last minute support system as she readied for her flight to Italy.

Great times and a bittersweet farewell.

Arrivederci, Tesoro Mio.

Have the best time. You deserve it.

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  1. Time with our daughters is PRICELESS.

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