A Better Tomorrow…

My parents always reprimanded me when I uttered the word, HATE.

I always thought they were obsessed and overreacted.

They were spot on.

We live in a society dominated by hate…with a increasing number of hate crimes perpetuated by white nationals.

Now we have digital hate…who knew.

We have silence from the Republican representatives and Moscow Mitch…who do they represent if official polling shows that over 90% of Americans desperately want gun control legislation.

I am texting friends with messages of love and friendship.

I am greeting all that cross my path with a caring hello even the jackass at reception at Equinox.

I haven’t given bad drivers, illegal u-turners (an epidemic in Los Angeles) the finger salute in 3 days which is huge for me.

I am exercising my way through sadness and deep concern for this country.

I’m cooking my feelings, creating new dishes that distract.

I am writing Congress, donating money to Amy McGrath running against Moscow Mitch in Kentucky, Jaime Harrison opposing Lindsey  Graham in South Carolina and Theresa Greenfield  challenging Trump lackey, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.

I only wish I could post on another topic, something cultural to distract and entertain, a delicious restaurant to review, take notice of an intoxicating novel, TV series or film, a glib encounter that incites laughter, but my sadness and angry are pervasive and I need to vent.

These are the tools I have in my personal tool kit to combat political and cultural depression.

Agent Orange is not using his platform to advocate for love and peace or a call to action for unity so I am bumping the bloated, bigoted one off his white national pedestal and sending love and hope for a better tomorrow.

Remember, if nothing changes how soon will we be faced with tragedy again?



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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Good for you. And cooking you’re way through the pain is what the food editor of The NY Times recommended today. I love you girlfriend.

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