Black Eye For America…

I always make a concerted effort to avoid putting other women down.

I think most women are amazing.

It is challenging at times since I do believe that woman absolutely sabotage each other in the workplace…always been a bone of contention.

We need to be there for each other.

I do believe that I have helped to put a few cracks in the glass ceiling while working in male dominated arenas (sports and music).

I find it necessary to go off a bit on a woman who in my opinion, deserves it.

Kellyanne Conway is a nightmare.

She needs to be booted out of the Vagina Monologue club.

Obviously, she has been successful.

Why/how, I won’t speculate.

She is abrasive, rude, evasive, does not come across as highly intelligent, she is an opportunist…a hypocrite since she was originally on the Cruz bandwagon and chaired a pro-Cruz political action committee, Keep the Promise I, which ran advertisements critical of then Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

Yes, she does portray many qualities that men employ in the business world so I get that, but she is so difficult to watch and listen to.

Kellyanne Conway

Finally, Kellyanne is in desperate need of a Glamour makeover.

There is an overabundance of repulsive people on display these days, but she registers Top Four on the revulsion meter along with Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Agent Orange.

Yesterday, she took to the TV airwaves early in the morning to defend Trump’s late to the party denouncement of National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

As usual, she never directly answered a question.

Rather than alternative facts, she repeated ad nauseam, “unsustainable situation.”

Here’s where the bitch in me surfaces.

Does she ever look in the mirror before going on air or is her reflection so opaque that her image is obscured?

Does she tidy her hair with a rack or perhaps the machete she carries under her dress?

Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway photo:NY Magazine

Can’t she ask Ivanka for some make up tips while they are shopping online for Ivanka markdowns?

Thankfully I could not focus on all her words on the Today Show as the black make up blotches on her lid and in the corner of her eye kept me distracted.

Perhaps that was a Kellyanne diversionary tactic…look me in my messy eye, don’t listen to my words.

Why do the networks even afford her air time?

We never hear the truth from her.

Don’t scream sexism. If a man was this disheveled I would react accordingly.

Please, get out the concealer stick and make her disappear.

In the interim, watch Must See TV:

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