Devilish Thoughts…

I was just reflecting on the inception of my blog.

When we became bicoastal, I came out of the literary closet.

Starting a new life between two coasts I was looking for more purpose.

My savvy millennial suggested I start a blog.

And, what pray tell, is a blog?!

I received a quickie tutorial, but, honestly, I had no idea the amount of dedication it took to start and maintain a blog.

My daughter set me up on a platform which I assumed was shoe related.

Being invested in writing I was somewhat shocked by the onset of paralyzing writers block.

Not knowing my audience I hesitated and then jumped in the deep end and just started kicking.

My mantra became, “If you post something delectable  they will come.

Readers have flocked and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I love the comments…please keep them coming.

As I approach 2,000 posts It is so rewarding to realize that I can actually inform and entertain with ever expanding food posts, entertainment, political and personal musings.

During these trying times it is comforting to know that we have each other.

Here’s hoping that you all continue to follow while I keep the heat on with the Devil.


  1. Julie Varon says:

    That is quite an accomplishment. Luckily you didn’t choose stand up comedy as your vehicle. I suppose you’d have adjusted to a virtual “platform” by now. Keeo it up.

  2. No idea how you do it – but thank you for keeping us informed and entertained!

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