In Search Of Answers…

Since China is in on all my communications, let’s poke and prod and open the following frustrating conundrum up to the entire world.

No matter the dialect, these questions are universal.

Why do in-laws usually suck?

Why is life a popularity contest?

Why is guilt such a frequent go to form of manipulation?

Why is it so hard these days for amazing single women to meet comparable great guys?

I see so many men dating way above their pay grade.

Why do most people dislike being confronted with the truth?

Why do so many people (mostly women) hold grudges?

Why don’t dog owners pick up their dog’s poop, especially when it snows?

Why is age not respected in America?

Why do people who eat garlic or spicy foods not realize their breath is putrid and not pop a mint  or brush?

Why are personality challenged bartenders hired?

Why do so many people read their emails and text  in a darkened movie theater?

You just paid $16 to see the film. Get up and ask for your money back if the movie is so darn bad that you need to reach for your phone in order to be entertained…if you are a brain surgeon or immigration lawyer, pay for cable or a streaming service and stay home.

You just spent between $80-160 for a Broadway theater ticket. If you cannot understand the plot of a drama or musical and find the need to talk, stay home and watch TV in the comfort of your own living room.

Why are restaurant servers arrogant (if you are so important shouldn’t you be CEO rather than an hourly wage earner) or bad at their job when their income depends on good service?

Why do people nip at your heels on the sidewalk…just pass on by or back off.

Why allow jealousy to be a guiding force in your relationship with others?

Surround yourself with interesting, challenging, smart friends even if they are eternally slim, eating whatever they want.

Why don’t people follow up on what they voluntarily promise?

Why is single process hair color so expensive and you don’t even get a blowout for $120?

Why are socks labeled for all sizes because if you wear a size 10 or 11 shoe your foot will inevitably not fit into the sock?

Why do people at airports line up 15 minutes before boarding is announced at the gate?

You know you are not in the first group so relax instead of having to move back and step aside 10 times before your assigned group boards…pay for an upgrade and get out of the way.

Why don’t people use their car blinkers…it is not an add on car accessory.

Why do human beings use an airplane bathroom barefoot?

Why do most men manspread in a subway seat?

Why do so many people smoke in Central Park when there are signs everywhere stating, NO SMOKING IN THE PARK?

Common sense is mandated…It’s an outdoor space with flammable trees and grass, you morons.

Why do people never read emails for content? “Want to meet on Saturday at 6?”

Email response, “Sure. What day and time do you want to get together?”

Love your body especially when you are middle-age, still alive and relatively healthy.

Why do female squatters pee on public toilet seats and then don’t pass it forward and wipe the seat off for the next squatter?

Why are most women passive aggressive when it comes to dealing with an issue…just say what is bothering you and then either move on or move out (in this instance, we can take a cue from our male counterparts).

I have a relative who pulls this crap constantly. Yes, you know it’s you…like mother like daughter.

Why is money always an issue…good, bad, or whatever.

Why do you always look fabulous in your bathroom mirror and never quite as appealing when you enter the outside world?

I like am like very smart…maybe not as “like, really smart” and “a very stable genius” like the KFC, McDonald muncher who masquerades in his pj’s as Commander-in-Chief, but I do not comprehend lies, lack of honesty, grudges and not having the capacity to move forward.

Leave the baggage behind.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

Move on, damn it.

If you don’t like something or someone and can’t forgive and forget or change your attitude, then just kindly be honest, say, buh-bye nicely and move on.

Pulpit put back in storage and I’m moving on.

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