98 & Still Going Strong…


Today, the Lubov family sovereign begins her 98th year.

She continues to rule with an iron fist encased in a purple velvet opera length glove.

Remarkably, I have never lived a day without my mother actively present along with the minimum three daily phone calls.

She is a mere 2 years away from 100 yet Queen E. is still totally together, pointing out every minute detail she needs attended to.

She devours her daily papers, has her hair done by John every Thursday come hell or high water, attends her gym three times a week, keeps her doctors amazed, continues to do more errands than any human ever and still hosts her frequent cocktail parties despite the fact that the party animal numbers are unfortunately dwindling.

Aides Yvanna and June are always present, the Thelma to my mom’s Louise.

It seems everyday they are driving off cliffs and surviving the odds.

Yesterday, my mom raised hell because the state of Connecticut had not sent her renewed driver’s license before her birthday.

“But mom you don’t drive anymore,” I stated.

She quickly retorted, “I like options. I want to know that I can legally get behind the wheel if I want to.”

Happy birthday, Queen E…rock on.

You are not getting older, you are getting better.


    Having your mother is the most amazing blessings … enjoy every moment of her presence and every detail that makes her so unique.
    HAPPY LIFE!!!!

  2. Cathy Newman says:

    Cheers to the Birthday Goddess!!! 🎂🎉🍾🥂🌷

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