8 Month 1 Act Play…

8 months to the day since I landed in Los Angeles.

A different world.

A still yet to be determined New Normal.

Our main reason for coming to our Los Angeles home was for my husband to recover from emergency surgery.

What happened after our arrival on February 5th was life changing.

Everything went haywire due to a worldwide pandemic.

After months of hibernating, nothing has really change. The highlight of my life now is going to the beach at sunrise on the weekend, walking and reading until maskless idiots surface.

Then, wait for the it, the excitement is we pick up takeout from Barneys in the Brentwood Country Mart and dine al fresco in our convertible under a shady tree on a deserted street in 90 degree weather.

Am I a changed person from 8 months ago?

Let me count the ways.

I wake up every day hours before sunrise filled with trepidation and a low grade Orange fever.

I never leave home without a mask, my new 2020 accessory…forget diamond earrings and lipstick.

The mask ends facial filler consideration as it covers wrinkles and fine lines and also saves lives…kryptonite with straps.

Since personal in your face interaction is taboo, I am besties with my MSNBC posse consisting of early mornings with Joe Scarborough and then an outstanding array of smart women including Nicolle Wallace, Katy Tur, Rachel Maddow and ending the day with Lawrence O’Donnell and his burning hatred for Agent Orange and  the dry wit of Brian Williams.

I am a far better cook and online shopper not obsessed with Gucci, but finding extra soft 2-ply Charmin, Bounty paper towels and Clorox wipes.

I take long drives to nowhere.

My texting speed has improved.

I spend a lot less money.

I am at one with my Team Peloton bike aka Thelma and Louise. Today we entered week 19 of uninterrupted daily classes. I live for resistance and cadence.

When the quarantine is suspended and a safe vaccine distributed will I be socially inept during face to face meet and greets?

Will a universal fear of leaving home lead to a generation of agoraphobics, me included?!

I have had to rethink my blog with the elimination of dining out, entertainment and limited human interaction.

I learned that grocery delivery is inept.

Drivers in LA are even worse then pre-pandemic times and u-turns in the middle of every busy roadway are the new normal.

I am a much better science student…never thought Covid, Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir would be part of my daily diatribes while living in my new Coronaville world.

I have no idea what I look like in make up and a regular bra.

All these elements I could have lived without, but here we are.

And the good news is that those near and dear are still alive and kicking and armed with absentee ballots…the bad guys are dropping like flies infected with Covid which was just an overly exaggerated conspiracy theory, right Trumpeteers?!

Hoping in 8 months I will be posting from NYC, France or Isla Holbox and pledging loyalty to a new sane, unprejudiced president and a Senate chamber devoid of the stench of Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham.

While restless and concerned, l remain safely confined at home and hopeful that my idea of a dreamy New Normal comes true.

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  1. ellie lupo says:

    LOVE this one !!!!!!!!!!!

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