55 Days Until Christmas…


I finished my holiday shopping today…everyone is serviced. I shop early because I hate to be rushed and I think the best merchandise is on display from August through October. I can now relax and pay off all the presents before December…no holiday guilt. By the time Chanukah and Christmas roll around, everything will be paid for so in essence, I went on an all-expenses-paid shopping spree…I can rationalize anything!

We celebrate both holidays. Growing up, my dad worked crazy hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He was in the liquor business and it’s all about lifting and selling “spirits’ during this particular time frame. Christmas day was the only time he had off and we could be a family. Presents were always a big deal growing up. We never had a tree, but the gifts were set out in a glorious display and Santa always got his just deserts.

When David and I met I had to show him the light about gift giving…it was not a practice his family followed. He is now the best gift giver in the universe, second only to me. Courtny is right there, as well. That is why birthday’s and Christmas are so damn exciting. I must confess that I love getting presents as well as buying the absolutely perfect gift for those I hold near and dear.


For the past 10 years we have celebrated the holidays in Florida with my mom. We have the most fabulous 3 foot plastic tree, stored in its original box from Target. Every year we add amazing ornaments and twinkling lights. Stockings are filled to the brim with philanthropic donations, as well as clever and practical items.

yippee …only 55 days until Christmas.

Surprise…early holiday present from me to all my faithful followers. On November 9th, I will be unveiling a brand new website. Please come on over to:



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