“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going anywhere.”

I am quoting Elvis Presley, America’s King of Rock and Roll.

Segue to America’s Governor.

Just one year ago, Cuomo was anointed “America’s Governor.”

Cuomo was the voice of reason, a person we could count on during the height of the pandemic…how the mighty have fallen and let us not forget Governor Gavin Newsom’s developing recall smear campaign.

I relied on both of these governors during the very early frightening, dark days of Covid when our dictator was assuming the roll of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.


Having worked and actually lived with a political family and spending decades with celebrities I fully comprehend how intoxicating power can be…if you let it.

That being said, I really do not know what to think about the Cuomo debacle.

Confusion abounds.

This month Quinnipiac College poll of registered New York voters found that  55% do not think Cuomo should resign.

Back to the major issue of sexual harassment which cuts both ways.

Was Cuomo’s sexual innuendo out of the blue?

When will men adhere to the basic kindergarten tenet of keeping their hands to themselves?

In the present political atmosphere I cannot help but wonder after decades of Cuomo in public life how all these accusations are suddenly surfacing.

Has Cuomo’s alleged sexually charged behavior been lurking under the surface for decades?

Al Franken’s overblown and unwarranted politically charged expulsion immediately comes to mind along with back room political dark money manipulation.

Bottom line, under no circumstances should any female ever be sexually harassed, belittled or bullied.

But the world of male dominance and the power field around them is fierce and insular and difficult to break down.

I have tried to take heinous men down for their sexual and threatening harassment by appealing to higher forces.

The powers that be listened, but never acted beyond a slap on the wrist…no man wants to be expelled from the privileged boy’s club.

I’ve been told  by men to take it as a compliment. Women, on the other hand, have their morals questioned and are often accused of trying too hard to get ahead.

When confronted with sexual harassment I took matters into my own hands and though daunting, I succeeded and extracted due process.

I have been in many uncomfortable situations even had a music industry executive take a letter opener to my throat and threaten to cut me if I did not bow to his wishes…even threatened to “take me down like Hitler took Germany!”

I have been locked in rooms and told that performing would do wonders for my career.

Too many tales. Too many uncalled for, unsolicited scary incidents.

I never doubted my ability to get free both physically and psychologically, but be damn sure that I always carried my mace and often kept my keys at the ready to gouge.

Nowadays, it is much easier to out someone on social media and reporting sexual harassment carries less stigma.

I just worry about the consequences for both men and women as I have witnessed abuse on both sides, but the burden of proof is usually on the woman.

No one should play politics, bow to cancel culture or social media to try a case of sexual abuse or harassment.

Hopefully, the truth will prevail.

I cannot bottom line this truly unfortunate set of circumstances…the case against Cuomo is fraught with troubling accusations, possible misconception, sexual innuendo and has potential lifelong impact for the accusers as well as the accused.

Sexual interaction in the workplace should be a huge, bigly no no and sexual engagement should always be by mutual, consensual invitation with both parties simultaneously RSVPing their true intentions.

Both sexes must remember that a relationship is a democratic process with both people having an equal voice.

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