30 Ways To Love Your Daughter…

Courtny Catzel
Courtny Catzel

September 30th.

It may not make the history books, but in our life this date is as important as any major world event.

Our amazing daughter, Courtny, was born at 5:27am on a glorious Monday morning.


As I held my 8 lb. 4 1/2 oz. 23 inch long gorgeous bundle of wonderfulness in my arms (even at 1 minute old you were stylin’ with your Billy Idol ‘do), the earth actually moved.

A notable earthquake rocked Los Angeles at that embraceable moment…you continue to rock our world.

I was so glad that you were born on a Monday.

Ever accommodating, you allowed me four days to recover so that I could attend the Bruce Springsteen concert that weekend in Los Angeles.

Most importantly, the following Monday the NY Giants were playing the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football and I needed to come off IR and be physically fit for your very first NY Giants football game.

Courtny with Nonnie & Poppie
Courtny with Nonnie & Poppie

Courtny was the perfect baby. She slept through the night since the day she was born. 30 years later we are still waiting for payback…can any child really be that easy?!

Flower Girl at Kelly & Chris Ritter’s Wedding

Courtny has a big heart. She is generous of spirit and possesses a great mind which she has not wasted, to date.

Our daughter, the agent, has made tremendous strides and earned a stellar professional reputation at a young age.

She also maintains an admirable shoe and bag collection.

All those qualities are worth noting, however, your knowledge of sports makes me the proudest.

The fact that year after year you know the name and number of every NY football Giants player fills me with overwhelming pride. You are the only person in the world who is allowed to attend a Giants game with me.

Recently, Courtny became a parent-in-training to the adorable and rambunctious rescue puppy, Finnley B. Catzel. All factors indicate that she will be an outstanding parent. Please note that the apple does not far from the tree.

As with everything in life, failure is not an option.

Courtny & Finnley
Courtny & Finnley

Courtny, dad and I salute you on this monumental day.


Happy birthday to our best friend and utterly amazing daughter.

May this be your most memorable and exciting year to date.

We love you.



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