You Should Be Dancin’…

Dancing with the star.

Get up and dance and let’s celebrate my amazing husband’s BIGLY birthday.

Unfortunately, the only dancing we are doing is a 5am boogie down the ramp onto the plane for a six hour flight to Los Angeles.

We are anticipating feeling like strangers in a strange land after 9 months on the east coast.

Here’s hoping that our home is intact, welcomes us with open arms and allows us to dance into our home issue free.

Thankfully, the Connecticut saga has ended.

My mother’s house is on the rental market…next hurdle.

It is wiped clean with a gorgeous facelift (I should look so good) and ready for a family to move on in.

I am eager to start reporting on brand new, exciting LaLaLand adventures.

Talk tomorrow from the opposite coast.

And remember, Everybody Dance.


**graphic by Liza Yablonskaya



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