Rockin’ Out In Little Rock…

Toby & Courtny's Amazing Road Trip
Toby & Courtny’s Amazing Road Trip

14 hours behind the wheel.

Thursday was the longest journey of the trip, driving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Truculent Trio needed to feel closer to Hillary so we customized the route.

If I had any doubts that we were a copacetic family,  I need not worry.

We are fight free, all doing our driving due diligence, agreeing completely on routes, pit stops and everything that encompasses being together every minute of every single day.

The only rebel is our puppy, Finley, who enjoys nocturnal barking in hotels and pushes back at the thought of the trio going out to dinner without her.

Madison in Santa Fe
Madison in Santa Fe

Madison, as always, is the perfect lady and picks up strangers by the dozens.

If she were human, she would be the adorable blonde cheerleader that everyone wants to be, know or date.

Texas is very flat and ugly…like many of their politicians.

We took off our Hillary sweatshirts so we did not invite random drive by shootings.


Amarillo is such a God fearing butt hole.

Every mile there is another moustached state trooper waiting to pull you over.

Starsky followed us, tailgating for 5 miles.  Courtny drove as if she was taking her driving test.

He finally passed us with a defeated look on his face.

We drove Oklahoma from panhandle into the frying pan and finally we were out of the state by 10pm Central time.

Gas in Oklahoma
Gas in Oklahoma

Gas is only $1.89 a gallon…how is that possible?

$18.87 to fill 3/4 of a mini van tank.

I guess there has to be a reason other than football to be a committed Sooner.

Despite the long days, we are kept busy working, chair dancing to Motown, Adele and The Rolling Stones, listening to podcasts such as Heavyweight with nerdy, but engaging Jonathan Goldstein and Accused, featuring murder and mayhem.

We are armed with purified water, bubbling water, healthy snacks and 1 bag of Fritos for those desperate moments.

The road adventure harkens back to my rock ‘n roll touring days without the live concerts and drugs…darn it.

Next stop, Nashville .

Until then, rock on.

Downtown Little Rock at Night
Downtown Little Rock at Night


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  1. I am having a vicarious road trip here in ‘lil ol Manhattan’ . Many thanks!!!

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