Today’s Top Ten…

Palisades Park
Palisades Park

I am sitting in our village park at 7:30 am.


Lots of folks milling about, heading into Starbucks, Robeks Juice, The Coffee Bean and Noah’s Bagels.

Time for some morning observations.

The following is my Top Ten Pacific Palisades Daily Affirmations:

#10. Relatively few residents eat breakfast at home. The high school kids are mobbing Subway and all the blondies with toddlers are picking up either their green juices or soy, no foam lattes.

#9.The stay at home moms are all dressed in Lululemon. The biggest surprise is that women still wear visors. I thought that died out when Andy Roddick burned his when he won the US Open in 2003. Go figure.

#8 Peeps cruise in nice cars. Just saw 4 maseratis, a red Ferrari, a dozen Range Rovers, 3 Porsche Cayenne and, God help us, a minivan.

#7. The domestic engineers, aka nannies, prefer Noah’s bagels and coffee. Few appear to enjoy their jobs as I overhear them talk amongst themselves in Spanish. One woman commented that she always stops at Noah’s because “la senora doesn’t like me to eat the food en su casa.” Wow, the homeless eat better in the Palisades then the nannies.

#6. 70% of the drivers, and, many appear to be over 35 so no teens and millennials bashing, are texting or are not  communicating hands free. I would have thought that luxury automobiles would be equip with Bluetooth and that the mature folk would be more responsible, especially with the heir apparents in the car.

#5. Drivers do not appreciate crosswalks or stop signs. They just want to get to Gelson’s Market, drop off or tennis.

#4. Why are there at least 10 nail salons in the Palisades, yet only a handful of decent restaurants?


#3. The majority of leashed dogs walking in the village are small and white. In my humble opinion, that is not a dog. We have a tall, sleek Australian Cattle puppy who just ate my custom dining room table. Now, that’s a dog.

#2. Walking home, no one wearing workout clothes responds to my, “Hello.” Maybe it’s my, “I’m With Her” cap that is off-putting.

Palisades Bluffs
Palisades Bluffs

#1. I get to walk home with this amazing view and let the waves wash away all of life’s bullshit.

That’s a wrap and as I leave my little village behind I internalize the words of my mentor, Stuart Smalley, “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough and Doggone It, People Like Me!”(even if PP is devoid of obvious displays of affection!)


  1. I loved it!!! But it is really too bad about your table!

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