Fly Away, Biatch…


I just had a run in with a Trump supporter.

She is a white, uneducated, nasty biatch.

It is in the high 80’s and I took the dogs on a hike up into the mountains.

We were almost home and they needed a break in the shade.

I sat down on a curb by a public road next to a small apartment complex.

A woman came out and was staring at me.

Foolishly, I asked if everything was ok.

She started screaming at me and said I should, “Go to hell.” That I was trash and probably let my dogs use her sidewalk as a toilet.

She asked me to drop dead and didn’t even say, “Please”.

Imagine that.

I was nonplussed.

My dogs did not defecate nor were they going to.

They were sitting quietly, panting.

She told me that when Trump is elected I would be wiped off the face of the earth, that I was a fifthy bitch whose dogs should be shot.

Isn’t that special.


I picked myself up, gathered the doggies and told her in no uncertain terms that she needed to get her broom and fly away.

What is happening to this country and how was Hitler allowed to rise again?!

Trump is turning closet crazies into ‘in your face raving lunatics.’

I am at a loss to stop the insanity.

I better get my papers in order so that I can emigrate to Lamu, a remote island in the Indian Ocean.

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