Healthy Smealthy…


Since when do Republican men care about women’s health?

After years of defunding Planned Parenthood, women’s shelters, implementing endless legislation designed to shame women who need abortions, placing limits on birth control coverage and allowing violence against women to remain unchecked, they care.

How touching.

What a sham.

Let’s face it, the collective Republican feminist attitude is keep the ladies in the kitchen and on their backs in the bedroom.

Women aren’t responsible enough to make decisions about their own bodies.

All of a sudden the first female candidate for president gets ill and all hell breaks loose.

Have you ever spent time outdoor in New York City in the direct sunlight, in the midst of a huge crowd, absorbing the humidity and heat of a late summer afternoon?

If you recall, the episode happened on Sunday, September 11th, the same day as the U.S. Open men’s final, pitting two highly conditioned athletes, who, coincidentally, were also suffering from the heat and humidity a few miles away.

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.

I had pneumonia and I was in the middle of a major concert tour for one of my clients.

I was on the road for three weeks, working 20 hours a day between early morning breakfast meetings with journalists, press interviews, sound check, concert, after show responsibilities.

The plan was to just keep on and do my job. Period.

Pushing through is part of the feminist culture.

We multi-task no matter our physical state.

After all, many of us work full-time and are mothers.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, on of our greatest presidents, served in a wheelchair.

Woodrow Wilson had a near fatal stroke in office.

Dwight D. Eisenhower suffered both a stroke and heart during his presidency.

Ronald Reagan, following an assassination attempt in 1981, purportedly was only able to work or remain attentive an hour or so a day.

John Kennedy, known for his youth and vitality, suffered from colitis, prostatitis and Addison’s disease.

If Trump left an event early, stumbled, he would say something absurd such as Hillary tried to poison him.

Remember, the bloated, orange one, is the healthiest person in this disintegrating country.

Regarding the other big brouhaha, Hillary calling Trump backers, “a basket of deplorables” well, they are!

Everyone is up in arms over the truth…isn’t that what the pundits and the public are demanding from Hillary?!

Trump makes outrageous racist, anti-semitic, sexist comments on a daily basis and the remarks never stick.

Click your sexy heels together three times and say, “double standard, double standard, double standard.”



  1. Terrific! Perfectly said!!!!!

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