Operator Error…


I am not sure that I can do justice to this tale, but I must share.

My mother has always been technologically gifted.

She is smart, artistic, a former ballet dancer, fabulous human being and devoted mother.

Technology is her one slight flaw.

We speak on average three time a day.

She is identified on my iPhone an additional 5 times daily.

I answer and she either greets, Betty, Elaine, Vera, Sally, Cookie, Kandi (she has longstanding food inspired friends), Harriet, Dottie…you get the picture.

And I respond, “Mom, it’s me, your daughter. You have mistakenly called me again!”

And Queen E, always says, “I did not! Don’t you insinuate that I misdialed. It’s cross wires. This damn telephone company screws me every time!”

 I am not sure that in the year 2016 this is still possible.

I seriously tend to doubt it.

The other day I told my mom that it was operator error.

She cried with joy. “Yes! Now you see. These operators don’t do their job correctly.”

I think my mom and I have crossed wires.

I surrender and from this day forward I will merely agree with her version of operator error.

Betty & Eunice
Betty & Eunice

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