Trumped Up…


I have been reduced to rubble.

I watched the Commander in Chief forum and had a completely different take than what is being reported.

I am done.

I am going to vote, continue to talk up the only qualified candidate for President, but I cannot listen to Donald Trump’s ignorant, avoidance doublespeak anymore.

I am disgusted that there are Americans who actually think this Bozo makes sense.

Wednesday night, Donald Trump said Russian president Vladimir Putin was “more of a leader” than Barack Obama.

Trump went on to characterize his relationship with the Russian president as mutually beneficial, “I think when he calls me brilliant, I’ll take the compliment. OK?”

When I see anyone heading for danger, my instinct is to reach out to protect them.

Not so with Trump supporters.

I feel helpless.

How can you protect and defend stupid?!

Seriously, how can anyone entertain voting for this egotistical sociopath?

If Trump is elected, this country will be reduced to rubble.


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