I’ve Got Your Back…


It is interesting that men go to battle, are known as warriors and in real life scenarios they stand on the sidelines.

Men are clueless.

Backing up your wife is not an individual sport…it is a team sport.

My husband is a gem, a rock star in my eyes.

But he shuns emotional dust ups…how male.

Recently, we were crossing the street with the dogs.

A male driver ran a red light.

I had just stepped off the curb.

I had a walk sign.

The idiot nearly hit me and I ‘sweetly’ asked, “What are you doing!!”

He gave me the finger.

Hands down, that gesture always incites me.

I planted myself in front of his car and ‘lovingly’ asked him if he was giving me the finger because he was over compensating for his small penis and tiny brain?

I received  a round of applause from the surrounding cars.

My husband calmly observed.

For a storybook moment, I was hoping he would have leapt into action, hands defiantly on hips, his cape blowing in the Santa Ana wind, his stance powerful and deliberate.


Oh well, it is a very good thing that I can take care of myself, a standard I have passed on to my daughter and empowered my mother with since my dad died.

I am woman, hear me roar…don’t need no cliched king of the jungle to always have my back.

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