We have a houseguest.

A homeless man is sleeping in our driveway right outside the gate.

The Palisades is inundated with the homeless as Venice and Santa Monica move the vagrants  along and they are heading upstream to open hillsides and beachfront properties.

The Palisades has a small police force so the situation has become complicated.

The blonde, Balayage Birkin carrying, tennis playing, yoga focused Wasps are in an uproar.

Our houseguest leaves a pile of adult beverage bottles nightly.

There are some lovely cabernets, a Veuve Cliquot, Whispering Angel rose and some craft beers.

When panhandling in PP, do the residents substitute alcohol for cash?

This is a very serious issue.

The Palisades has taken a different approach to downtown Los Angeles which often deals with the homeless problem by paying for private cleanup and security.

Last year, the community launched a private $500,000 fundraising campaign to bring mental health and other services, along with interim and permanent housing, to the community’s estimated 190 homeless residents.

The full-time outreach workers attempt to get to know each homeless person in the Palisades and await their voluntary surrender to move indoors usually after being assaulted or suffering physical deterioration.

It appears to take a long time, but this is the Californian approach.

One of the merchants personally imparted that numerous midwestern retailers provide the homeless in their ‘hood with one way bus tickets to Los Angeles…go west young man…explaining that it is an easier lifestyle in California.

This is an issue that tears at your heartstrings.

It is a dilemma when it lands on your doorstep.



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