Be Still My Heart…

The Gilmore Girls photo:morning
The Gilmore Girls

May 20, 2007.

The last installment of Gilmore Girls and a very sad day in my daughter’s and my life.

But there is cause for celebration.

Gilmore Girls is back on Thanksgiving weekend.

Be still my heart.

I am canceling my Thanksgiving vacation.

This is way more important.

During these tumultuous times, Courtny and I need to settle down with a cup of coffee and a Pop Tart and watch Lorelai, Rory and all the inhabitants of Stars Hallow go at it.

We can’t wait to binge watch all four 90-minute “chapters” of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

In essence, the show has consistently been a window into my own mother/daughter relationship.

Bring it on…once a Gilmore Girl, always a Gilmore Girl.

it’s the real thing…I pinkie swear!



 BTW, GG is all embracing. In fact, Amy
Schumer tweeted:

I’ve only done 2 water sports and they took pictures of it both times. I promise I usually just lay there (sex too)






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