The Great Escape…

The state of the world in general demands distractions.

Following my own advise, I took in two movies over the weekend.

Really enjoyed Woody Allen’s latest film, Cafe Society.

The cast is superb, the music enticing. The plot line is shallow, but entertaining and the lush Hollywood depiction in the bittersweet romance is compelling.

Ghostbusters was mildly entertaining, but too long. I adore the female cast, but felt as if  most were portraying their personalities from SNL.

What really affected me and unfortunately, reflects the state of this country, is that Leslie Jones, an SNL staple and one of the stars of Ghostbusters, just deleted her Twitter account after becoming the target of online ogres who sent her a stream of pornography, racist speech and hateful memes.

Pathetic…internet trolls who have the time to be vicious regarding an issue as benign as a frivolous film.

Twitter is also guilty of allowing this venom to be circulated. Twitter’s blanket response was limp and ineffective.

Doing a 180, I did a drive by at the Nordstrom Pre-Sale and, thankfully, there was nothing to purchase.

The larger question is what has happened to Nordstrom…as uninspired of late as Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech.

Perhaps Nordstrom should rip off Bergdorf Goodman and, once again, add style and taste to their collections.

Walked to the beach with the doggies after seeing Ghostbusters. All uphill on the way back, thank you very much.

We were literally the only english speaking people at the beach.

If Trump is God forbid elected, I wonder if there will be Uber buses lined up at the curb on the Pacific Coast Highway for the sole purpose of gathering up all the immigrants and transporting them to the Great Gate at the Mexican wall.

Its going to be HUGE.

Head to the movies.

It is a prime time to escape.


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