Left vs. Right…

New York Mural, Stuart Davis 1932
New York Mural, Stuart Davis 1932

I usually prefer the left.

I am a southpaw…the complete left-handed sportswoman.

I sleep on the left.

I write left-handed.

I brush my teeth left-handed.

I eat left-handed.

My politics are usually left of center.

But when it comes to coasts, I am a righty.

Today, I depart for the humidity-free left coast.

I am anxious to see my doggies and my amazing daughter.

But, I already miss Manhattan.

The left just does not match up against the excitement and cultural fulfillment of the right coast.

Case in point, this past Sunday.

Central Park
Central Park

Me and my mister were up early, hit Central Park, regaled ourselves with the blooming beauty of the user friendly park, strolled 5th Avenue, window shopping and laughing at the tourists inability to orderly navigate the sidewalks of New York City.

Bryant Park w/ Empire State Building
Bryant Park w/ Empire State Building

We had a coffee in Bryant Park and enjoyed the Korean barrel drumming show with the majestic Empire State Building looming over the verdant park.


We grabbed the D train and then walked the mile through SoHo to the fabulous Raoul’s which has been a lower Manhattan institution for over 40 years.

We indulged in great food and had an engaging conversation with Raoul’s charming manager, Gem.

Satiated, my husband and I completed our tour of SoHo and then took on the west village and the Meatpacking district, finding ourselves at the doorstep of the new and imposing Whitney Museum.


We gave our footsies a break and lounged outside on the lime green chairs, watching the parade of peeps ascending and descending the impressive High Line staircase.

Whitney Terrace View of Uptown
Whitney Terrace View of Uptown

Being a Whitney member, we sailed in and scaled eight floors to the top, checking out panoramic views of the Empire State Building down to the Freedom Tower and the busy waterway of the Hudson River.

Human Interest: Portraits From The Whitney’s Collection

We explored the new exhibit, Human Interest: Portraits From The Whitney’s Collection.

Drawn entirely from the Museum’s treasures, the two hundred works in the exhibition show changing approaches to portraiture from the early 1900s until today.

Mirror Cells
Mirror Cells

We also viewed the Stuart Davis: In Full Swing exhibit and familiarized ourselves with the American modernist along with the inventive Mirror Cells exhibit.

Virginia Overton Gardens
Virginia Overton Gardens

The Virginia Overton  Sculpture Gardens was aesthetically pleasing, but a bit of a scam.

We headed home through Chelsea and with the threat of rain, we again hopped the D train, disembarking at Columbus Circle to check out the new indoor food court that recently opened.


TurnStyle, a high end, vibrant mall,  now resides underground at 58th Street and 8th Avenue.

24 shops, 10 restaurants, including Italian cappuccino, French pastries, Bolivian salteñas and New York pizza, decorate the attractive indoor walkway.

Also representing is Ellary’s Greens, Starbucks, Dylan’s Candy Bar, The Pressed Juicery, Spectre & Co., Lush, Arth for great hats and Dog & Co.

Without much planning we had a fabulously stimulating day.

That’s difficult to duplicate on the left coast.

I’m just saying.

Catch you tomorrow on the left coast.

High Line
High Line

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