Advocating For Advocacy…

Between 80 and 100.

That is my mother’s present age range.

I cannot commit to a definitive number.

I recently received a spanky and timeout for actually telling someone her exact age.

A few months ago Queen E. took a big fall and fractured her pelvis in two places.

Previously, full-time help was never on the table, but recently I have had to seek out around the clock aides even though she has made a complete recovery.

That in itself is a full-time job.

It has been hectic with all the other hats that I wear.

I just don’t know how any senior citizen or the infirmed get by without an advocate.

When my mom had her accident and was in the hospital, incapacitated and in pain, she was not capable of finding a rehab center on her own or make life altering decisions.


I had to talk to many experts in the field and quickly investigate rehab facilities, checking credentials and making sure they were state of the art and were going to take great care of my mother.

I have spent hours locating efficient, reliable services as her insurance policy mandates that I can only hire help through a certified agency.

Not every aide is compatible.

So many send caregivers who cannot speak english, drive or are self-motivated without constant guidance.

My mother is a rare breed for her age.

She is in full possession of her faculties. She likes to go and do…not sit home and watch television.

She still has many social engagements.

I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for the elderly and infirmed who do not have family or friends to count on.

I have heard some horrific stories from the aides regarding familial neglect…leaving them alone at night to fend for themselves when they do not have the physical ability to perform basic tasks.

In many cases, money is not an issue, just thoughtlessness and indifference.

Effective laws and regulations support the senior living philosophy and encourage choice, dignity, independence, and quality of life for seniors, but many facilities and agencies fall short.

To my daughter…I am counting on myself to stay sane, physically capable and present, but if I falter I will trade your support for all my shoes, jewelry and handbags.


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