Too Much Chatter…

Life is fleeting.

Not a revelation.

I cannot believe a two year-old was playing at the water’s edge at a Disney resort and an alligator grabbed him.

Disney World is not reality. Nothing bad is supposed to happen there.

Orlando, Florida has had a very difficult time of late.

I am not afraid of the water or walking in Central Park or strolling through Times Square on the way to theatre, but the insanity that surrounds us lately certainly gives one pause.

I find myself checking people out. A practice I previously reserved for airport lounges.

The subway has become a personal breeding ground for profiling, especially backpackers.

I am constantly aware of my surroundings. I only go to early morning movies, checking for the nearest exit.

I consciously avoid large gatherings.

Has life always been like this or has the prevalence of social media, breaking news on our phones, created instant awareness, leading to apprehension.

The insanity that is happening since 9/11 makes me long for the days of the Bay of Pigs crisis.

I must admit to feeling overloaded and leery.

Perhaps a smidge of ignorance is bliss.


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