Trump Singles…



I have never considered myself a prejudice person.

I dislike arbitrarily based on how big of an asshole you are.

I must now fess up that I do have a prejudice.

I cannot stomach Trump supporters.

They are a buzz kill.

Intelligent people concur.

Trump supporters should be herded into a holding pen to graze together.

Well, now that is a possibility.

Yesterday, I read that a Trump fan, who has observed that fellow Trumpsters have become social outcasts, has started a Trump only dating service.

In May, David Goss rolled out Next week he will have a mobile app available.

Since its’ inception, 500 Trumpsters have joined.

Members are allowed to  send one message free per day or pay $4.95 per month for unlimited use.

I am not in the market to date, but I am happy that a staunch Republican has seen fit to skim the scum out of the dating pool.

Sterilization anyone?!



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