Birthday Momma…

Birthday Girl, Queen E.
Birthday Girl, Queen E.

With the aid of meds and sheer will, I boarded a JetBlue flight to Palm Beach to check on the other half of my impaired family.

Queen E & Mahalia
Queen E & Mahalia

I found my mother in surprisingly excellent shape after fracturing her pelvis.

I guess Palm Beach rehab worked wonders.

Saturday was her birthday and another reason to get out of bed and vanquish my vertigo to another state.

We planned a lovely dinner at Cut 432 which I consider one of the best restaurants in the Delray Beach area.


After toasting the birthday girl with champagne, we dined on oysters, steak, mashed potatoes, jumbo asparagus and birthday cake.

My mom delighted in a night out and slept like a baby.


Sunday, I actually treated myself to a guilt free day at the beach, reading and relaxing to the sound of the ocean, finding my balance.

Happy Birthday Queen E. She’s a 70’s girl trapped in the 90’s.

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