Stroke of Midnight…


At the stroke of midnight I turned into a rotten pumpkin.

My life was literally spinning out of control.

I woke up with Vertigo which spun into extreme nausea.

Balance somewhat restored, I headed over to Urgent Care.

They booted me out of there once my blood pressure hit over the top triple digitals.

They put me in a cab headed to NY-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Hospital on the  East Side by the river.

I quickly abandoned the cab as I had to process the news that I either had a stroke or was on the verge. I walked through Central Park and over to my questionable destiny.

The only stroke I was familiar with had to do with a baseball bat, tennis racket, paintbrush, swimming or golf club.

I had a moment of sanity and called my dear friend Paula who possesses a plethora of medical knowledge as she is married to a respected doctor.

Paula being the tenacious tiger that she is immediately landed a very hard to get appointment with a respected cardiologist.

She jumped into the fray as my advocate. Paula was stellar.

I won’t bore you with the gory details. My heart is strong, but my Vertigo attack during my Echocardiogram worried the cardiologist enough to also state that he thought I might have had a stroke.

When pushed, he said that if I were his wife he would advise that I should get my ass over to the ER at NY Presbyterian STAT.

Did I have a choice?!

Amazingly, I was fast tracked through the system by the kindest, loveliest, competent staff.

I am happy to report that many of the young doctors were female. It cut down on the possibility of me finding a nice doctor for my daughter, but I like that women are starting to dominant in the medical field.

A CAT scan led to an MRI which I consider a akin to waterboarding.

Perhaps, the CIA should consider this as a form of torture as it does open one up to divulging secrets if the tormentors would just release you from the feeling of being buried alive.

A side benefit is having an authentic look into the mind of the terrorist.

Stretcher with a View
Stretcher with a View

David arrived to relieve Paula. Blood tests and MRI results were awaited and finally Tuesday dawned and I was on my way home.

I am happy to report that I did not have a stroke so now my medical mission, if I choose to accept, is to lower my BP and rid my body of the roller coaster Vertigo ride.

Friendies, relax and enjoy life and do not let the shit that stirs up everyday life get to you.

No startling revelation, but common sense info that must be heeded.

A shout out to the amazing staff at NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell. I already had a follow up call with Toni another NY Pres star.

My empathetic cardiologist checked in and I have an appointment to see a neurologist. Wow, I have finally graduated to adulthood.

A few comments…Paula, you are a true friend and I love you. David you are my rock and Courtny thank you for being you and loving me so much.

It’s a new day and damn it, I am going to revel in it and not worry about anything I cannot fix.


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