Lousy Chinese Food…

image:healthy women.org
image:healthy women.org

2am and I can’t sleep.

I am watching the results from the latest Super Tuesday. Happiness sets in as Clinton swept 4 of the 5 states. Missouri is still too close to call.

photo: fold-pak.com
photo: fold-pak.com

The bad Chinese food in the fridge is calling to me, it’s voice resonating in the middle of the night…don’t respond.

photo:Getty Images
photo:Getty Images

While I am struggling with insomnia, my daughter is reveling in the joy and excitement of the best showman, ever.

I am so jealous that Courtny is at the Bruce Springsteen concert in Los Angeles.

It would have been Springsteen concert #33 for me.

This might be the only time I wish I was in L.A. instead of New York City.

A client gave her incredible seats to the show and I can say with full confidence that I would have been Courtny’s plus one if I were there.

Sleep is also eluding me because I am preoccupied with a potential family health scare.

I am getting closer to eating the shitty Chinese, but I will remain strong and hold out for a complete Clinton sweep.

Maybe I should just rally and start, “Dancing In The Dark”. The song is playing in my head while I do my best Courtney Cox impersonation.

There’s something happening somewhere
Baby I just know that there…it just ain’t happening’ in my living room.

Why is food the great consoler?

I will continue to ogle Wolf Blitzer…that image will stop me from raiding the refrigerator.

5 more hours and I will be mounting my bike for a challenging spin class at Flywheel.

Now that I have quelled the need for Chinese, but not for the Boss, I shall focus on getting my endorphins all revved up.

Sun’s coming up and I am, “Blinded By The Light”.

Sleep is now just an illusion.

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