Tough Yet Tender…



Every single time I fly out of Los Angeles it conjures up memories of the night before my departure for sleep away camp.

I become mopey, just want to cuddle my puppies and hunker down at home.

Yesterday, I flew to my beloved New York City…I did not enjoy the excruciating 5 hour flight of non-stop turbulence.

Los Angeles does hold appeal for me.

Our beautiful new home, a kitchen where I can be creative and my beyond fabulous children…Courtny, Finnley and Ms. Madison.

My daughter, the one without four legs and a tail, is such a doll. She texted me on Monday when I was organizing for NYC and asked me to lunch.

It was wonderful just gabbing and spending quality time together.

I adore her.

She gets me, I get her and screw all the intimidated females who are threatened by strong women who stand by their beliefs and make things happen.

This world was not meant for wusses.

Hear me roar…women are the backbone of this temporarily insane country.

We are smart, strong, capable, politically and emotionally aware, can singlehandedly raise a family while working full-time and are capable of  multi-tasking even when the world is imploding around us.

Weak, petty, whiny, back stabbing, conniving, entitled women are hard to take.

Can you say, Housewives franchise.

You can be sexy, kind, smart, caring and strong…conviction does not cancel out any of these qualities.

Ladies, we have to all be on the same page and support each other.

End of feminist rant.

My new mantra…love, compassion, strength.

Midnight Cowboy photo:
Midnight Cowboy photo:

I will be testing it out on the streets of New York City.

Now get the f..k out of my way. I’m walking here.

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    Oh Yes!

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