668 & Counting…


It has been an exhausting week.

My brain is tired from nourishing The Devil.

She is a hungry bitch.

She demands my full attention plus room and board.

I have kept the hot momma interesting and stimulating for 668 posts.

It is a good thing tomorrow is Saturday because I need a day off to collect my thoughts and start composing myself for Sunday and resuming my telling ways.

Enjoy your weekend and please spend a moment thinking seriously about how to make America GREATER…it is already pretty damn GREAT.

Listen, all parents think their children are GREAT (most days), but we ALL can do better so let’s not buy into Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s snake oil mantras that this country is in serious trouble.

Trouble, my friends, will come if one of those ninnies becomes president of this GREAT land.

I need to lie down and visualize a world with sane, productive leadership.

That will definitely provide HUGE fodder for many GREAT blog posts.

As would FINALLY having a woman lead this GREAT country.


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