Orange Is The New Black…


Orange is the new black…in my world.

For all the non-sports fans, hang in. As in any tale, there is a moral to the story.

A moment of your time…can we talk about the resurgence of Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange.

After unfairly being suspended for nine games and the team suffering greatly from Boeheim’s absence,  The Orange have come storming back and have won 8 of the last 9 games.

Boeheim is the great motivator and has proven that throughout his 39 years of coaching Syracuse basketball.

Syracuse vs. Florida State
Syracuse vs. Florida State

Thursday night they destroyed Florida State and won by 15 points and Sunday they went postal on Boston College.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

I have been on a year long fast. Supporting my fav sports teams is like having a daily colonoscopy.

Syracuse faded last year during March Madness, the Yankees had a momentary moment in the wildcard playoffs and then flopped big time and the NY Giants 2015 season down right sucked.

Syracuse Orange vs. Florida State
Syracuse Orange vs. Florida State

This season, Syracuse basketball started slowly and has recently surged so I am all aglow.

I forgot the joy of victory and have only experienced the agony of defeat.

I am a simple girl.

Just have my sports teams play well and ultimately win and I am thrilled.

Okay, good health and happiness along with s a new designer bag all make me pretty joyous.

Baseball season starts in 47 days so maybe college basketball can light up my life during the next two months.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The moral of this post…enjoy life’s small victories.

Not all good things come in HUGE packages as some of the idiots who are running for President believe.

Now aren’t you just a bit glad that you read on?!

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