Party Down…


I don’t know about other countries, but we are an event obsessed nation.

Luckily, that is part of my job description.

The Super Bowl is Sunday and commercials on TV, in-store merchandising, radio promos, newspapers, giveaways…it is all about Super Sunday.

If you don’t drink prodigious amounts of alcohol, eat chicken wings, consume a pu pu platter of dips, chips, deli and crudite, you haven’t lived.

Yet many people I have associated with over the years know a whole lot of nothin’ about football.

In fact, they would rather go to the dentist then watch a football game and only participate in Super Bowl happenings because it’s all about the party.

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

The same for the Oscars which also occur in February.

Many people never go to see the majority of nominated films.

They don’t have any idea who Alicia Vikander or Brie Larson are and only watch to see what celebs are wearing, but they go to the parties.

Who doesn’t love a good party?! Although, how many of them are really great?

I used to throw an annual Academy Awards party when I lived in San Francisco.

They were fun and the food fabulous, she said modestly.

I bought a red carpet, hired a photographer to take photos when guests walked it straight into the extensive buffet.

All participants had to don black tie attire.

I would have a cake made every year designed with a relevant Oscar motif.

The champagne flowed.

I had chocolate Oscar statuettes made for parting gifts.

The baker was an interesting woman who lived on the grounds of  San Quentin, the maximum security prison in Marin Country, California.

Her husband was a prison guard and scared the shit out of me every time I went to pick up the cake.

san Quentin
San Quentin

I had to pass through the guard house and they would rip through the interior and exterior of my car, run the mirror pole under the car, inspect my bag and then I would get a pat down.

It is similar to flying these days, but way more intimidating.

Yes, her cakes were worth the hassle.

David and I would make voting sheets and have a pot of gold. Everyone contributed to the Oscar fund. Whoever had the majority of  Oscar winning picks would walk away with the pot.

Courtny’s birthday parties were also a hot ticket. Parents always wanted to come because it was an event.

When Courtny hit double digits, I rented FAO Schwarz in San Francisco.

We took it over on a Sunday morning and the kids could play with anything they wanted to. There were jugglers, magicians and  characturists on each floor.

I loved the fact that all the boys only wanted to play in the Barbie section, trying on the high heels, boas, wigs and fur stoles…cracked me up.

The conservative Marin parents weren’t thrilled.

For all personal events, I always designed handmade invitations and loved the creativity, the actual party not so much.

I really enjoyed planning major events for the Super Bowl, World Series, U.S. Open, the Hula Bowl, music extravaganzas, etc.

Event planning and partying never ends. Celebration draws a diverse crowd.

St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, among others, draw all religions and nationalities.

If the Republicans win we may have to cancel celebrations since all immigrants are going to be rounded up and sent packing.

That should open up a great deal of employment opportunities in transportation, the luggage business and residential rentals.

Will there be a concierge service established to book trips back to their native homeland?

I need to get in on that.

50,000 immigrants multiplied by even $50 a head is big bucks.

Have the Republicans figured all the logistics out or are they going to win the White House and spend four years working out the kinks?

No one has shown us the plans for the great, beautiful wall to be constructed along the U.S./Mexican border.

So many questions and so little substance.

I think the next President who will restore this hell hole of a country back to greatest, (please God), and his cabinet’s family members should have to do the door to door rounding up since they are so hung ho about deportation.

cartoon:jack darcy,
cartoon:jack darcy,

I would love to see the Trumpettes in their designer clothes herding all the illegals in to their Suburbans and dropping them off at a prearranged border spot.

Anyway, enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

I am rooting for the Denver Broncos because Peyton Manning is family. (NY Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, is Peyton’s brother).

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