Rockin’ In NYC…

Feeling bored?

I prescribe a heavy dose of New York City for what ails you.

Wednesday was just another weekday….posting on my blog, work, doctor’s appointment, errands and then I sauntered past TKTS at 1:45 on matinee day.

Surprisingly, there was only a smattering of people in the usually congested area.

An empty ticket window beckoned me.


I checked the board for show availability. I had seen just about everything that interested me.

Then School of Rock popped up at 50% off. The play hadn’t been on the Boards during the holidays.

The reviews were surprising glowing.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, who I had worked with on Cats and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, was back with a new Broadway hit.


What the hell.

I bought a 12th row center orchestra ticket for $70 and an ordinary day became fun and exciting…only in NYC.

The story was pretty much standard Broadway musical fare, but the 13 children in the production are multi-talented, adorable and spunky.

The audience members in the row in front of me needed to be educated regarding theater etiquette.

They wanted to preserve their Justin Bieber look indoors. I was not about to have my view blocked by a layer of baseball caps and grey hoodies.

School of Rock actually has some catchy tunes and the last 10 minutes are akin to the finale of the Broadway smash hit, Mamma Mia.

Bells and whistles are pulled out, the live performance by the kids is stellar and heart strings are severely tugged.

I left and still had time for another injection of entertainment so on the way home I passed my favorite movie house, the frayed, but still elegant Paris Theatre on 58th Street with a view of the Plaza Hotel.

Rooney Mara & Cate Blanchett in Carol
Rooney Mara & Cate Blanchett in Carol

The much hyped film, Carol, was playing, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Only 8 people joined me.

What a snore. Other than the gorgeous period clothing, Carol had no soul or continuity. One of the best lines was, “Just when you think it can’t get any worse, you run out of cigarettes.”

The entire movie blew smoke up my ass.

Central Park
Central Park

Undaunted, I Fitbit my way home through the ever enchanted forest, Central Park, and arrived just in time to change for a business dinner at the always delectable Danji, an upscale creative Korean small plates restaurant.

I love New York…not a revelation, just an honest assessment.

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