Sunshine On My Shoulder…

Delray Beach, Florida
Delray Beach, Florida

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high.

Whistle a happy tune while quoting my former client, John Denver.
I wasn’t experiencing a Rocky Mountain High, but a tropical Florida High…once again ensconced in hanging chad land.

The weekend has been a real high.
Flew out of NYC on a gorgeous December morning and winged my way to Palm Beach on a turbulence-free, quick flight where I yakked with a lovely woman who is a buyer for Macy’s and grew up in Connecticut…lots of mutual acquaintances and experiences growing up in the Fairfield County ‘burbs.
When they made the announcement for our descent I could not believe that 2 hours had literally flown by.
We were off the plane and having breakfast at our favorite spot right by the beach in Delray less than 30 minutes from touching down.
My mom looked great, was feisty and ready to rumble.
We hit the beach before 1pm and luxuriated in the 85 degree weather, under blue skies.
I read a book, walked on the beach, stocked up on champagne on the way home and enjoyed a perfect day.
Sunday, we were doing our laps by 7am and at the beach by 9. It was a truly tropical day and we were dodging intermittent raindrops interspersed with pure sunshine.
The day was stress free as the Giants do not play football until  tonight.
Dinner at El Camino and Eunie babes was spotted by the AARP gossip columnist sipping a Skinny Girl Margarita while splitting a delish brisket quesadilla with her groovy daughter.
El Camino Restaurant
El Camino Restaurant
El Camino has the best Happy Hour, anywhere.
Relaxing, reading, family, fun…a pause in the action is quite enjoyable and highly recommended.
Lets see if the Florida sunshine can invigorate and stimulate the NY Giants to victory as they play the Miami Dolphins tonight.
I could get into a Monday Night Football High.

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  1. Ronda Spinak says:

    Mom looked great is right…wow!
    Beautiful surf, too.

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