Way Too Much Drama…


Who knew that there would be drama offstage during a Broadway play?!

Saturday, we had tickets to see Arthur Miller’s, All My Sons, starring Annette Bening and Tracy Letts.

The first act concluded and my husband followed the masses to the restroom.

And then the dramatic offstage soliloquy was performed literally under my nose.

A beefy, arrogant, irate man placed himself within inches of my face, sticking his fat finger under my nose and screaming, “Don’’t you fucking ever get in my personal space, again!”

This reaction was precipitated by me literally barely touching the man’s shoulder and demurely asking him to please refrain from opening candy wrappers which he had been doing nonstop for 10 minutes.

All My Sons is a drama and hearing the dialogue is essential.

I have witnesses to back up my noninvasive tap.

He repeated the same words three times, indicating that if I ever touched him again I wouldn’t live to see another play.

Well, I told him he had barked up the wrong tree.

During the rant his wife stood next to him with her head bowed.

I inquired why he chose to attack me after my husband had departed.

He said he was going to reenact the insanity when David returned…never happened…never turned around.

Naturally, I did not back down and after expressing my feelings I went straight for security.

We were moved to orchestra center seats.

This episode totally unnerved me.

How could a man well into middle age become so incensed?

His wife was clearly emotionally abused.

Obviously, this Trump like mound of flesh is a bully.

By the way, the second and third acts were powerful and as almost as emotionally eroding as my personal drama.

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  1. Beth Martin says:

    I loved the show and I can imagine the horror of dealing with him. We have to compare horrible theater goer stories.

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