Wandering Tel Aviv…

Holy Mackerel.

I am in the Holy Land.

Yesterday, I hopped a looooong flight to Israel…14 hours.

My husband is on a business trip and invited me along since our anniversary is in  2 weeks.

We thought we would pray for more good years together at the Wailing Wall.

I am excited to explore Israel as I have not been here since my daughter had her Bat Mitzvah on the top of Masada at sunrise 17 years ago.

Tel Aviv Passport Control

We landed at 1:30 and by 2:30pm Monday afternoon we were headed to Carmel Market for a fresh Greek salad and a stroll amongst the stalls.

Greek Salad In Carmel Market

The server liked us and brought over shots of ouzo mixed with watermelon juice and lemonade.

It almost knocked us out as we never slept on the plane.

Rothschild Street

We cruised the busy upscale Rothschild and Dizengoff boulevards and 4 hours later threw our jet lagged bodies down on lounges on the rooftop of our hotel.

We have one hour to rest and then drinks with friends at a trendy Tel Aviv restaurant.

Shalom for now.

Upscale Tel Aviv Neighborhood

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