The Kominsky Method, Say What…

Never thought I would enjoy prostate jokes or the anticipation of a steady stream.

I was completely bored by the 2019 Golden Globes and I thought most of the clothing was horrendous, but the award show exposed me to The Kominsky Method which won for Best Comedy Series and Michael Douglas for Best Actor In A TV Comedy or Musical.

I binge watched the 8 half hour episode series last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Kominsky Method is about an aging former actor-turned-acting coach and his agent and friend.

It is created and produced by industry mainstay, Chuck Lorre of Grace Under Fire, Cybill, Two and Half Men, Mike & Molly, The Big Bang Theory and Mom fame.

Michael Douglas is great and his hair exudes fabulosity.

Alan Arkin is amazing.

The entire cast shines and the scenes at Musso & Frank brought back delicious memories of all my industry lunches at the Hollywood institution.

A vivid memory was a meal with John Denver and his then newly minted young wife.

What a handful…as with Alan Arkin’s character, Norman Newlander, I inhaled several martinis during the challenging conversation.

The series paints a surprisingly funny and poignant picture of aging and friendship.

To date, there has not been a great deal of Kominsky exposure as this mature demographic is not exactly trending on social media.

If you enjoy smart repartee, great acting and a comical dose of reality, do yourself a favor and dig into The Kominsky Method.


  1. I agree…it is wonderful in every respect!

  2. Beth Martin says:

    I definitely want to watch it. I thought it would be a pleasure to see them act together. Glad the script is good too.

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