Slippin’ Into Darkness…

Life Looms Large In The Middle Of The Night….

Up at 3am.

Life looms large in the middle of the night.

I am lucky.

I can make a cup of coffee and turn on the TV to check on the state of the universe.

An MSNBC correspondent  is in Key West reporting on the devastation.

15 million people in Florida are still without electricity.

No matter the technological advances, we are totally dependent on electrical power and there is still no quick fix.

It is even more challenging because without a working fireplace we can’t go caveman and built a fire in our homes to prepare a meal or attempt to keep warm.

Can you imagine how that action would light a fire under a condo or coop board?

It would almost be worth igniting the debate.

Active natural disasters have thankfully receded and we are back to the Russian manipulation of the 2016 election and the controversial Trump administration.

Tax reform is front and center.

Logically, I would brush aside tax reform and dive immediately in infrastructure….what a auspicious time to bring that topic up for discussion.

I think an Infrastructure bill would have overwhelming bipartisan support, but I’m not a White House advisor since neither of my parents were elected commander-in-chief.

I need to focus on managing my own life.

The issues that seem feasible in daylight haunt me in the dark.

Two more hours until a new day dawns and I can attempt to hit Central Park and walk off my worries and concerns about the state of the world by the light of day.


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