Shut Him Down…

Today’s political reality…this is a one issue White House.

Nothing else is getting done.


Humpty Trumpty is being a petulant child and is having a 35 day long temper tantrum.

Put that piece of orange excrement in a corner and let us collectively move on in a positive manner.

Foolishly, I thought America was a democracy.

In fact, a new poll shows that only 7 percent of voters say they support constructing a wall along the southern border.

Since when does the will of 7% and one orange turd  hold democracy hostage?!

The only positive to this shutdown is that Agent Orange is being held captive in the White House because the Secret Service and FBI are handcuffed.

I say let that animal roam and see what transpires out there in the real world as his pandering continues.

A show of hands from those who think Humpty Trumpty is Making America Great Again.

Businesses are losing 200,000 million a day.

Government workers are paying a very high price for his fit of pique.

The stock market is down.

Domestic security is at risk.

Airport security is a nightmare.

Food is not being inspected.

This is not just a domestic issue. There are global ramifications.

Shut him down.

And Speaker Pelosi, you rock, sista.


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  1. Beth Martin says:

    Love this post. I vote to push him out there!

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