Preserve This Precious Gift…

Yesterday was a perfect day in NYC.

As with a great hair day, sunny, mild, humidity free weather puts a glide in your ride.

Went for an extended Central Park walk with Finnley who was obsessed with turtles and pigeons during the 2 hour jaunt.

She acts like a teenage boy who sees a girl in a skimpy bikini.

It is challenging to walk a large dog when half her body is headed in the opposite direction.

The jazz bands were in high gear, the bubbles on steroids were floating through Bethesda Terrace, the tourists were constantly stopping us to ask the location of Strawberry Fields and the rich donors were gearing up to walk in 6 inch Gucci’s and Louboutins, attending the Conservancy fund raising luncheon.

Central Park had it all going on.

It is devastating to think that days like yesterday could cease to exist…we need to protect our environment and keep it safe for generations to come.

i just finished separating my recyclables.

I was motivated to purchase several bracelets from 4Ocean, a global movement which actively removes trash from the ocean and coastlines, inspiring individuals to work together for a cleaner ocean, one pound at a time.

Since 2017 4,555,800 pounds of trash have been removed.

Treasure and protect our environment so that future generations can revel in the beauty of a perfect day.

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