Buying appliances is not sexy or exciting.

These items are necessities, but it is painful to lay out big bucks for household items.

I bought Queen E. a washer/dryer 4 years ago and it passed with her.

I guess my touch isn’t as relatable as my mom’s.

So, I make the purchase, pay the money, add the delivery charge and then breathlessly await the pronouncement of what my delivery window is.

The verdict is between 3 and 8pm yesterday.

I cajoled and begged for a later drop off so that I didn’t have to waste an afternoon.

NO was the emphatic response…no room for negotiation.

Yesterday was a perfectly gorgeous day in Delray so we headed to the beach at 11am.

At the strike of 12, the phone rang…Unknown Caller.

Damn, this is about the delivery.

“Hello…what do you mean you are at my house?!”

We then had to run back as we had taken a walk on the beach and were a mile away from the car.

We breathlessly jumped into the vehicle, calling the driver 5 minutes from home.

Morris answered and said he would be right there.

45 minutes and no Morris.

SO let’s recap…we had a delivery window between 3-8pm, they call at 12pm to see they are at the gate, we dash home and no delivery, we wait 45 minutes and Morris finally arrives.

It took them 10 minutes for delivery and installation.

Great for Mo and his buttless assistant.

I wasted a perfect day as they joyfully wallowed in incompetence.

And tomorrow’s microwave delivery should have the same consequences.

Need to make a virtue of necessity.

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  1. Deliveries. = incompetency….
    I had one of those days today…. we are sync ….I can feel your frustration…
    Not only they keep you hostage half a day ….
    They deliver the wrong refrigerator… and do not realize until it is already upstairs and installed….

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