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I journeyed to Connecticut recently. Usually my sole mission is to visit with my mother, but it was time to check in with my financial advisor, Jim Iannazzo, at Merrill Lynch.

I dressed as if I had money…always need to make a good impression even if it is a false affirmation. I always wear pants to Connecticut as I break out in hives as soon as I cross the the New York State line into Greenwich, CT…it appears that I am allergic to the state. The ‘burbs make me welty and sweaty (we all know about the sweating, but I haven’t suffered with menopause since birth!) It’s the land, albeit beautiful, of pretension and Stepford Wives.

stepford wives
Stepford Wives

Growing up, the richest people in the Greenwich/Stamford area were devoid of ‘tude and never strolled the Avenue (locals call Greenwich Avenue, the Avenue) in designer clothes. Now, transplanted nouveau riche and their entitled children, hang on the Avenue, donning Chanel bags and designer sunglasses …we are talking tweeners. There better be a next generation of Hedge Fund spawns to support the habits of these Entitlementors.

So, I digress. Back to case in point. Tuesday’s, I recommend where you should eat…today, I am bold enough to advise you on the future. Whether you have $1000 or $10 million to invest, you need to hook up with an advisor. Would you plan a wedding without a wedding planner or a major trip without a travel agent?

Seriously, no matter your age or bank account, what could be more important than your financial state? Be prepared…look at it as a prophylactic for the future.

This brings me to Jim. Firstly, Jim is into sports…other than my husband who has the legitimate excuse that he grew up abroad, I can’t relate or trust anyone who does not have some interest in sports…we all have our little prejudices and that is mine!

Jim is a family man. He has to put 3 children through college. No one needs more impetus to perform well in the workplace. He has a strong wife so we know he needs to keep those big boy pants on!

Jim is analogous to flying Virgin America…first class or coach the cabin has style and comfort. The journey is steady as it flies, keeping a safe and conservative flight plan, but he knows how to handle a strong head wind and becomes aggressive when there is a storm brewing or when circumstances indicate a shake up in the schedule.

The greatest gift I have given to my daughter beyond being the marvelous mother that I am, was investing in her future at birth. It doesn’t take much. As my father did for me, you just don’t know when a $1 stock will grow and mature into a $50/$100 stock.


 The lesson learned is to invest what you can and let your broker worry for you…he should be one stop shopping. If you trust him, the first rule of thumb, let him control your investments. Of course, you must stay on top of your broker, keep abreast of the goings on in the financial world and even make your own investment recommendations, adhere to the checks and balances theory…it’s easy and fast with email. Your broker/financial advisor is also a major asset when you are ready to purchase property, are in need of credit, tax advise, loans and if competent and accessible, ends up being your money issues confidante and shrink.

It is mandatory and beneficial to like and trust your financial advisor. I cannot believe how many of us inherit advisors from parents and relatives and really think little of them. So many times I hear that brokers are analogous to realtors…they all stink and they are all a like. If you take the time to investigate online dates and nannies, remember to invest time in seeking a confident and successful broker.

whack a broker

Never fear, in Jim’s case, he is a complete package, assisted with style and grace by Sarah Kennedy, who has a future in this biz…there is always a strong, capable woman behind every successful businessman or husband.

Today is the day to start investing in yourself and your future if you have not yet already done so. There are so many options. Now break open that piggy bank and find, change, secure a 5 star broker….someone that is just right for your needs and personality. It is never too late to make a sound investment in your future as well as your family’s. If you are single, this is another option to meet a college educated, smart, employed and financially stable guy…


 Just in case you are in the market…James. A. Iannazzo, Senior VP Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch. 866.326.5677…disclaimer…I receive no commissions or reduced trading fees. I just want all my loyal readers to be comfortable and secure for the duration of their lives!


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